Makeup for women in their 50′s

Nan writes “I’m in my fifties and would like to see makeup and beauty tips for women in my age group. I’m saving up for a face lift, but until then I’d like to see some makeovers on ‘women of a certain age’ to minimize the sags and wrinkles and bring out their former beauty. I have very big brown eyes, greying hair that used to be light brown, and light skin. My lips are too thin and rapidly disappearing. HELP!”

Hi Nan – I get a lot of emails similar to yours and I love the idea of ageing gracefully (or disgracefully, whichever you prefer!)… I think that maintaining a youthful appearance is as much in attitude as in looks, so I always focus on good lifestyle habits – a gentle natural skin care routine, a healthy well-balanced diet, moderate exercise, minimal stress, basically, any good health habits that will benefit your well-being. Sunscreen is a grrls best friend when it comes to retaining youthful skin, and I am a firm believer in using it as part of your daily skincare basics. Ageing depends on each individual, and premature ageing can be controlled to some degree w/ the above mentioned, and visually w/ the subtle use of makeup.

As we age, our skins elasticity requires more nurturing to prevent dehydration, and facial massage is a great way to keep your skin well toned. If you do decide to go ahead w/ your facelift, keep in mind that it will remove any prominent sagging and folds – and is esp good for around the eyes. Surgery will not change the condition of your skin – if you have oily skin, you will still have oily skin, altho, some procedures (like dermabrasion) are designed to alter the texture of your skin. You may want to look into the beauty therapists who offer a “natural facelift” thru trigger point facial massage in the interim. It is up to each individual to choose if cosmetic surgery is the answer for them, but if it is an issue of self esteem, then I can’t condone it! Everyone has the right to feel the best about themselves as they can, but I still believe that beauty shines from within and is reflected on our faces.

Women of all ages are beautiful – it is how you adapt your style and lifestyle needs to develop this beauty at whatever age. Some women grow into their beauty as they mature, but for those who are lucky enough to find beauty w/in themselves early on, a makeup update every now + again is the best way to maximise your beauty at any age. And, in the meantime if you need to work on your good health + beauty habits: drink lots of filtered water, wear sunscreen, keep your oxygen intake up and your blood flowing to make sure your mind + body are fit + healthy!

Use makeup subtly – as a tool to conceal any imperfections, dark or light areas, under eye circles and then feature focus your best feature. Over compensating by wearing too much makeup tends to draw more attention to any wrinkles or facial lines.

First, a few little basics: choose a tinted moisturiser or hydrating foundation, have your lashes tinted (and eyebrows too if their color has faded) – the best time saving device for beauty’s of every age icon smile Makeup for women in their 50s , keep eyeliner to a minimum, go for warm natural hues on your eyes, and a soft healthy glow on our cheeks. Bobbi Brown has a beautiful face agelessbeauty Makeup for women in their 50sageless beauty page w/ some great tips for minimising signs of ageing.

Lip liners and concealer are invaluable tools for your lip dilemma – lightly conceal around your lip area before drawing your “new” lip line and choose lighter coloured lipsticks to enhance your lips, or neutral tones for a natural finish. I also like to take a makeup cotton tip and work the lip liner into the lips (esp when you apply your lipliner over a lip balm) as this tends to seals off any fine little lines and helps to prevent lipstick bleed.

I love that you have big brown eyes, and are using soft pink eyeshadows, as this shade really brings out brown eyes – use brown mascara for day, and a black-brown mascara for evening or special occasions. Keep eyeliner to a minimum – just use it to softly frame your eyes – probably best to avoid black – tends to be a little harsh – chocolates, deep plums

+ charcoals smudged into your lashes will do the trick! You might like to try adding a very subtle contour in a soft mushroomy color on your brow bone just above your crease (eyes open, looking straight ahead for positioning) and blend this softly – only on the days you feel like your eyes need a “lift” – so maybe if you are feeling tired (this will be a great pick-me-up for your eyes), or for a special occasion to zshoozsh up your eye makeup icon smile Makeup for women in their 50s

Finish your eyes by sweeping a blonde toned powder or pencil into your eyebrows to frame your eyes – similar to your natural hair color. Beautifully shaped eyebrows complete your makeup like nothing else!

Just use your foundation to even out your skintone, and subtly disguise any blemishes or under eye circles– less is more! Add a hint of cheek color, your new lip look, and voila! Your “former beauty” is your now beauty – just keep your colors soft and natural, and be your gorgeous self icon smile Makeup for women in their 50s

Have fun making up!

The Makeup Fairy***

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  • Anonymous

    I was wondering if you could suggest a good college where they could teach you how to be a makeup artist? possibley in europe, or the united states? I have mainly tought myself about makeup, and how to use it, and now I think that makeup is my passion, and I am going to persue it. I would appreciate any comments. thank you so much!

    yours truly,


  • Anonymous

    Click here for a list of makeup colleges

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