How do i bring out my cheek bones?

hey! My face is kinda squarish with full cheeks. u can hardly see my cheek bones! i thought it was cos i was fat but im not anymore and my cheek bones are still hardly visible… how can i bring them out a little more?



Hi mag

Square shaped faces have similar proportions to oval faces, but have stronger, straight lines. A square face is broader at the forehead and jawline with straight lines across the forehead, down the hairline, and a square jawline.

I have more details on how to find out what your face shape is, with an easy measuring guide.

Contouring, shading and highlighting are some of the more advanced makeup techniques used to re-contour your face shape. It is just like sculpting with makeup! With a bit of practice and some simple guidelines, you can create the illusion of cheekbones, cover imperfections, and “feature focus” (which is how I like to describe enhancing your best features). Once these methods become habit, these skills can be then incorporated into your makeup routine.

The MOST important aspect of any corrective makeup is to blend, Blend, BLEND!

When you look at your face shape, think about the rules of light and dark and how you could use these to skillfully highlight and contour.

One of my few rules to makeup is:

  • Light colors are used to highlight features, bring out, make larger or appear more prominent.
  • Dark colors are used to shade and shadow – to minimize, reduce or recede features, to make smaller.

    Cheek color

    Keep your shading subtle when applying cheek contour and blusher – discrete application is the trade secret for cheeks. A natural colored blush is designed to enhance your cheekbone area (i.e. the apples) and can be swept up to your temple. Use a deeper shade of blush or foundation as a shader – roll your finger under your cheekbone to find exactly where it is located and shade on or below to contour (depending on how you want to shape your cheekbones).

    For a healthy glow, sweep blush onto the apples or balls of your cheeks (the round swelling of cheek when you smile) – think about where color emerges when you glow from blushing, and sweep it softly upward toward your ear. Have a good look in the mirror, and get to know your face, feel your bone structure if your cheekbones are not obvious, so that you can work out the best placement to enhance your features.

    Tips for Applying Blush

    • Keep application soft – blush should never be an obvious stripe.
    • Build up color slowly – start with less and add more if needed.
    • After applying your contour to shape your cheekbone, focus your blush color on the apples of the cheek; blend upward and outward – sweeping the blush up to meet between your temple and the top of your ear.
    • Finish by highlighting the top of your cheekbones with a light shimmer to accent shape. This subtle emphasis will really give you the illusion of higher cheekbones / more shape to your face shape, and the appearance of a sheer healthy glow.

    Designing Hair Styles to suit your Face Shape

    When you measure the proportion of your face, your measurements will show that a square face is essentially as wide as it is long. As I’ve mentioned above, a square face has strong lines – a square jaw line, and generally square around the hairline. Choose a hairstyle that softens rather than accents your jawline and forehead – either shorter or longer than your jawline. Avoid long, straight styles as these tends to feature the square aspects of your face, go for something with a bit of movement. Check out celebs who have a square face and see what hair and makeup they are wearing to see what works (and what doesn’t) for them, and incorporate some of these ideas into your hair + makeup style. Holly Marie Combs, Demi Moore, Isabella Rosellini and paulina How do i bring out my cheek bones?Paulina Porizkova all have square faces.

    Avoid long straight styles and center parts as these accentuate your square jawbone. To soften the squareness of your face add wispy layers around the
    sides of the face. Short-to-medium hair with a wispy fringe, and roundness around the face; try off-center part and height at the crown to elongate.

    Eyebrows play a big part in enhancing your face shape. For a few celeb clues, have some great tips for square faces, looking @ gorgeous super model of the 80′s  How do i bring out my cheek bones?Paulina Porizkova as an example.

    Having a square shaped face gives you lots of options with hair and makeup! If you wear glasses, then Shirley from About has some tips for choosing frames to suit your face shape.

    Have fun making up!

    The Makeup Fairy ***

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